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Who we are

Michael Sorrentino

Michael Sorrentino is a veteran broadcast producer, having worked for more than a decade in national television news. He has worked on the front lines of major news stories from presidential elections to international humanitarian issues: including running live newscasts, training on-air reporters and developing video content.


As a producer and consultant, Michael specializes in raw, unscripted storytelling. His unique background and journalistic eye make him the ideal choice when it comes to producing important projects that can convey a message and highlight a story.


William Ricigliano

An accomplished trial attorney with over 25 years of experience in the New York metropolitan area and a partner at Ricigliano and Filopei, P.C., William has litigated catastrophic injury cases in New York and  New Jersey resulting in multi-million dollar settlements and verdicts. William’s utilization of video in his case work, trials and marketing, showcase his ability to effectively tell his clients’ stories.

Why we are different

As an unmatched team lead by two industry leaders - a top litigator and an award-winning producer - we offer a unique skill set:  experience, professionalism, quality, and results. We are the ONLY legal video production firm with in-house legal experts.

Our mission

We realize that still photos, several hundred pages of documentation, and hours of testimony can be overwhelming and potentially boring. Important facts need to be highlighted, key images need to be impactfully displayed - that’s what video can do. We can work anywhere in the country thanks to our nationwide network and our technology.

Let us assist you by using our expertise with video in the most effective manner during your legal battles.  We have the experience, know-how, and technology to tell your client’s story effectively. Our in-house legal team will advise you at every step so that the video presentation to a mediator, jury or judge is compelling.  We give you the tools to present your case in the best possible way, in cooperation with proven in-house experts to guide you.


Our video services

Day-In-The-Life Videos

These videos demonstrate the difficulties of an injured client struggling to perform everyday tasks and routines.​


Our team of seasoned videographers have worked on everything from documentaries to hard-hitting news.  We have an eye for capturing the most impactful and important moments in your client's life that show their daily hardships.    We know what to look for and how to present it in a manner that will highlight them for your audience.


Mediation Videos

A mediation video presents your client’s story to the decision makers. We prepare every video with an eye for how the mediator is going to view it.   Each case has a unique set of facts and circumstances and our professionals prepare a custom video that includes contributions from the client’s family, medical professionals, and damages experts.  

Deposition Recordings

Video depositions are more powerful than mere testimony.  Allowing the jurors and court to see a witness’s testimony on video while incorporating transcripts in real time is more impactful than reading a document.


Deposition videos are not just for court, they are equally useful in mediation. We shoot these videos with the intent to have them used both in and out of court.

(Nationwide Legal Video Services is a certified deposition video specialist)

Why work with us

Cross-disciplinary industry expertise

We are not just a video production company, we offer legal strategy.  No one else offers the expertise of both these specialties.

30+ years of experience

When it comes to legal matters, experience is important. When presenting a story, experience can take your project to the next level.  We have the combined knowledge and experience to deliver a video that is not only professional, but will achieve your desired result.   

In-house legal strategy

We not only offer the technical video experience necessary for a high-level production, we also provide you the opportunity to work in tandem with proven trial lawyers who will help frame your client’s individual story and present the image of your case in a way that is influential.


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